Videogames by Daniel Benmergui

I am an independent developer from Argentina. I made a few award-winning games, co-organize the Experimental Gameplay Workshop and gave several talks on game design.

Fidel is a rescue dog in a dungeon full of monsters, traps, treasure and trapped heroes.

A "pet puzzle crawler" that runs in a small window and can be played in short bursts.

(Art by Jeremias Babini, music by Hernán Rozenwasser)


Ernesto needs to defeat the evil wizard by working around the terrible curse put upon him.

A puzzle adventure where you can't step on your own path.

(Art by Jeremias Babini, music by Hernán Rozenwasser)

Release date: 2017 on PC and Mac.


A puzzle game about building your own stories.

Instead of "consuming" stories like in most videogames, here you build your own plots to fulfill dramatic goals like "a murder of jealousy" or "A villain takes revenge on the hero".

Winner of the IGF Nuovo award. I gave an interesting acceptance speech if you speak spanish.
Finalist at the Big Festival in Brazil.

Release date: 2018 on PC and Mac.

Today I Die

A game about finding a way out of a dying world.

Winner of the "Jury's Award" at IndieCade 2010.
Finalist at the Independent Game Festival.

My most well-known artgame. Music by Hernán Rozenwasser.


I Wish I Were the Moon

An unusual love triangle. A game about finding all possible endings.

IndieCade's Jury Award 2010.


Storyteller Prototype

The first, very small and simple version of Storyteller I ever made, displayed for the first time at Sense of Wonder Night, in Japan.

IndieCade's Jury Award 2010.


The Trials

One of my first "Vignette Games", using a picture taking mechanic.

Seduce a princess, cure lonliness and fulfill a simple but monumental wish.